Success Information


• Server and PC Rollouts
WIndows Migration and Upgrades
• POS Rollouts 
• Server installs
• POS and PC installs
• Router (Cisco) installs, Turn-ups and support
•T1, Cabel Modem, DSL installs, Turn-ups and support
• Printer installation.

The Process.

Interviews: are conducted with the management team. The topics to be discussed are:

History - How have you been using the current systems? What works and what doesn’t work?
Projected Growth - How do you see the company changing in the next few years?
Operations & Policies - What sort of standards do you have today? What kind of standards would you like to see? What business objectives can be met by making additions, improvements or upgrades?
Working Environment - How do you feel your employees will handle changes? Is training or support required?
Primary Goals - What are the three most important results you would like from information technology?

Technology Documentation if needed A review will be conducted and documentation will be created of all technical infrastructure. This will include:

PCs / Laptops / Workstations
Printers / Scanners / Multi-function Units
Network Hardware (routers, switches, etc…)
Premise Wiring
Internet Connectivity
Backup Devices
Other Devices (Palm, Pocket PC, etc…)

The Results: The information gathered in the interviews will be integrated with the technical documentation and be used to develop recommendations. The final results will be:Documentation of all the current IT components.A review of the IT objectives for the organization, compared to the existing IT systems.A review of current backup procedures.A disaster recovery readiness assessment.Recommendations for the future of IT within the organization, based on the business objectives.​
Web development and web hosting 
Success Information LLC is ready to make your web site work for you. From online sales capability, to web/database integration to a simple calling card, we translate your ideas into a web presence that attracts customers and increases profits.

Web development and web hosting 

From the ground up, or just a quick face lift of your current site, we can create what you need on the web at a price you can afford.

* We can maintain and update your site, or create a website that allows you to make changes when you need to and we'll even show you how to do it.
* We have a partnership with a local, carrier-class data center that allows us to provide web hosting, dedicated hosting, and co-location services. * We can register your domain, set up your web hosting account and configure your email addresses for you.

​Monthly Maintenance

Success Information monthly maintenance service keeps your IT systems UP and running, proactively addresses potential problems, keeps you moving forward with your plans for growth and most importantly, lets you focus on what is most important to you: your business. Please get intouch with us for more information on this.